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Snow Emergency Information

Winter Storm Event

Information for the Residents of Roseto Borough

As Winter is upon us and Fall has already produced a few storms, the Borough road crew would like to inform residents of snow removal policies, and give suggestions, to help make our streets and sidewalks safe for everyone. This is a general policy and each storm will dictate how it is implemented and what adjustments will be made. When needed the Borough may declare a snow emergency, this means no vehicles can be parked along a snow emergency route. Cars left on a snow emergency route during an emergency may be ticketed and or towed at the owners expense.  Snow Emergency information will be posted on WFMZ-TV STORMCENTER, in addition to the LED information sign in the Municipal Plaza, and by individual telephone emergency announcement hotline messages from the Borough office. If you’re not sure, it’s best to move your vehicles .

The order in which streets are plowed are prioritized by the traffic volume. The first being snow emergency (major artery) streets with continual traffic.( Roseto Ave., Columbus, Garibaldi, Dante and Dewey) The second, being collector streets that intersect with snow emergency streets and carry traffic to the major arteries. The third being local streets; streets with limited traffic mainly to homes.

Our first objective is to pretreat each road with brine and then anti-skid when the storm starts. Once the storm has reached a plowable amount  we will plow open each road to make them passable and maintain that until the storm has ended. In a heavy snowfall event plowing may become limited to snow emergencies and collector streets. When the storm has ended each street will be plowed back curb to curb where accessible, and from the parked cars to the curb on streets with parking. This allows for drainage of melted snow to run to storm drains and room for future snow, while keeping the streets wide and passable. Where parking is allowed, snow will be plowed to the non-parking side to eliminate parking problems from snow piles made when shoveling out vehicles. If you reside on a street with parking on both sides it would be best to move all vehicles to one side during the storm, this allows the plow truck to safely and efficiently clean your street.

Suggestions for residents to help make the snow removal effort more effective and efficient are as follows:

Vehicle Parking: If at all possible, park vehicles off the roadway in driveways if available.If parked on roadways, please keep them as close to the curb/shoulder as possible or move vehicles all to one side of the street.

Shoveling Sidewalks:  DO NOT PUT SNOW BACK INTO THE STREET , It is not only dangerous for drivers but illegal as well. If you only want to shovel one time wait until the street is plowed back to the curb and plowing is done. When shoveling, throw the snow into your yard not the gutter/curb or outside edge of sidewalk. By doing this you are leaving the curb open for run off and drainage. Snow left in curb/gutter, when plowed in future storms, will be ice and hard. This makes for more difficult shoveling and may break shear pins in snow blowers.  Just remember any snow put in the gutter will be plowed onto the sidewalk in future storms.

Driveways: Once again wait until street is plowed back to curb to do the last 4′ of driveway or until plowing is done… DO NOT THROW SNOW BACK INTO THE STREET.

Borough Improvements

As with many local municipalities here in Pennsylvania, Roseto Borough has had to continue to search for methods to continue improving the Borough’s streets and infrastructure in our current economic downturn, while striving to maintain a predictable and stable tax rate for residents.

Please view some of our current projects, as we are committed to providing the residents, and visitors of Roseto Borough with sustainable improvements for our future. If you have a question, comment or concern, please feel free to contact the Borough Office at 610-588-0695.




Borough Photos

This gallery contains 16 photos.


Local Links

Roseto Borough Local Links of Interest:

Ruggieros Market – http://ruggierosmarket.com/store/

Roseto Bakery –  http://rosetobakery.com/

Miss Julies Dance and Fitness Ctr. – http://missjuliesdanceandfitness.com/home.htm

JC Bloom Design – http://www.jcbloomdesigns.com/

Zito’s Automotive –http://zitosauto.com/

Chubby’s Garage – 102 Roseto, Ave, Roseto, PA 18013 (610) 588-1248

Tommie’s Hair Styling –  614 Roseto Avenue, Roseto, PA 18013 (610)588-6625

Pius X High School – http://www.piusxhs.org/

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Grammar School, Roseto, PA- www.olmc-roseto.org

Faith Christian School – http://www.fcslions.org/

Bangor Child Care  (Roseto Site) – http://bangorchildcare.com/

Al Giovannini (Barber) – 82 Garibaldi Ave, Roseto, PA 18013 (610)588-2315

Renna’s Landscaping – 507 Sage St, Roseto, PA 18013 (610)588-1070

Hasker Textiles – 506 Roseto Ave, #510, Roseto, PA 18013 (610)588-7887

David Due Construction Corp Showroom. – Columbus Ave, Roseto, PA 18013 (610)588-5145

Meals On Wheels of Northampton County – www.mealsonwheelspa.org  or 610-691-1030



Borough Utility Links

Roseto Borough Utility Providers:

Power Co. Utility -Met Ed

Gas Utility – UGI Gas

Water – PA/American Water Co.

Trash/ Waste Pick up – J. P. Mascaro & Sons.
1-800-333-4624 or www.jpmascaro.com

Cable TV/Internet Service – Service Electric Cable TV

Cable TV/Internet Service – RCN

Roseto Borough Sewer Authority
(610) 588-7894/ (610) 588-0695

Police, Fire, and EMS


Roseto Ave, at the corner of Rt 191, Roseto, PA 18013

Police/ Fire/ Medical Emergency – Call 911

Non Emergency – 610-759-2200 (Northampton County Communication Center)


The e-mail address is not monitored for emergency messages. For all emergencies, please call 911.

Residents and Visitors – Please be aware that our Borough police officers are not always available at police headquarters as they are commonly on patrol. If you need an officer, please contact the phone numbers listed above for assistance. For questions or information regarding the police department, please contact Mayor Ilene Tillman at 610-659-0130.

Roseto PD 2013


Columbia Fire Company #1

For over 100 years the brave men and women of the Columbia Fire Company #1 have served Roseto Borough with pride. Please contact the Columbia Fire Company directly regarding donations, volunteer opportunities, and fire hall rentals.


Suburban Emergency Medical Services (Ambulance)

The Suburban EMS is the primary emergency medical response provider for the Borough. For information regarding non emergency medical transports, or other questions, please contact Suburban EMS directly.


Blue Valley Rescue Squad

The Blue Valley Rescue Squad provides technical rescue and extrication services to the entire Slate Belt region. For information on how to volunteer please contact the Rescue Squad directly.

Blue Valley Rescue Squad



Contact Us

Mailing Address:
164 Garibaldi Avenue
Roseto, PA 18013
610-588-0695 Phone
610-588-1281 Fax


Contracted Officials

Contracted Officials

Zoning Officer / Building Codes Enforcement
P.O. Box 391
Bethlehem, PA 18016-0391
Phone: 610-866-9663
Fax: 610-866-2664

Sewage Enforcement Officer
Robert Collura
727 Molasses Road, Bangor, PA 18013
Phone: 610-588-5176

Robert Collura
727 Molasses Road, Bangor, PA 18013
Phone: 610-588-5176

The Karasek Law Offices, LLC.
641 Market St
Bangor, Pa. 18013
Office: 610-588-0224
Fax: 610-588-2088

Public Works

Department of Public Works (D.P.W.)       

The Roseto Borough Department of Public Works maintains our Borough roads, parks, waste water, storm drains, and building and grounds owned and operated by the Borough. The work force consists of one full time, and one seasonal employee. There are approximately 7.5 miles of roads, 2 parks, 3 buildings, as well as storm water & culverts that are serviced by our public works department. The D.P.W. Building is located off Shooktown Rd. near the Roseto Rod and Gun Club.

Our Street Department thanks you for your care and consideration when driving during Winter conditions. Please drive safely when you see our crew working on the streets. A moment of distraction can cause an accident or take a life.

Please note Borough Ordinance #405, adopted July 12th, 2010 specifies that your garbage may not be placed curbside prior to Noon on the day before normal pick-up.  Please note that if a holiday occurs Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, our weekly garbage/recycling collection is pushed back one day.  The Roseto Borough Police Department will monitor that residents comply with this Borough Ordinance. Thank you for keeping our town clean.

Roseto Borough asks that residents please RECYCLE!                                                                         

Recycling Tips

    Rinse and clean all bottles, jars & cans. Labels can remain.
    Remove all lids and caps from bottles and jars. Only metal caps are recyclable.
    Place all recyclables in your container.

What’s Recyclable?

    Aluminum & tin cans
    Glass jars & bottles (clear, brown, and green)
    Plastic bottles & jugs (Soda bottles [green & clear], milk & water, detergent, lotion, shampoo, etc.
    Empty aerosol cans (empty through normal use then remove plastic lids unless attached)
    Newspapers with colored or glossy inserts, all papers should be tied with a
    Magazines, please bundle separately from newspapers.
    Corrugated cardboard boxes – please tie in separate flat bundles no larger than 2 feet by 3 feet.
    Junk mail – please bundle with your newspapers, but no plastic or foil wrappings.

History of Roseto

History of Roseto, Pennsylvania

Roseto Borough encourages you to submit your historical facts and photos to help us accurately archive the past and capture current events. Please e-mail your submissions to rosbor@rosetoborough.org or mail us at Borough of Roseto, 164 Garibaldi Ave, Roseto, PA 18013.

We apologize in advance if any historical statements are not completely accurate and we ask for your patience as we research and update this site.

Please also visit the Washington Post story regarding the book “Outliers – The story of success by Malcolm Gladwell, which Roseto is profiled at http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/style/longterm/books/chap1/outliers.htm

For a listing of books regarding Roseto or from authors from Roseto, please see the link at…


Also check out the web site below regarding Roseto PA, and its Italian sister city.


Information obtained from:
THE POWER OF CLAN By Stewart Wolf and John G. Bruhn
THE ROSETO STORY By John G. Bruhn and Stewart Wolf
BOROUGH OF ROSETO 75TH Diamond Jubilee Book
And “ROSETANS” by Ann Marie Ruggiero

Roseto Incorporation
In 1912 the town’s Incorporation Committee, composed of Domenico B. Martino, Nicola DeFrank (DeFrancesco), Guseppi Policelli and Peter Rosato, petitioned the Common Pleas Court of Northampton County, and Judge Henry Scott granted consent to incorporate the Borough on January 2, 1912. Roseto became the first 100% Italian borough in the U.S.A.

First Chief Burgess
The first election was held in February and Philip Sabatino became the first Chief Burgess. Officers for the borough were elected, as well as councilmen, Constable, Justice of the Peace and tax collector. In 1962 during the term of George Giaquinto the title of Chief Burgess was changed to Mayor. There have been eleven men in the position of Chief Burgess/Mayor from the day of incorporation in 1912.


    In 1898 Roseto had its first Post Office with Giuseppe Policelli serving as the first Postmaster.
    In 1931 a monument was erected in honor of all who served during WW I.
    In 1934 two wide roads, Garibaldi and Columbus Avenues were ordained.
    The town hall, a three story structure, was built in 1935.
    Roseto built the first athletic field in Denisco Park, now known as the Roseto Ball Park, in 1938.
    In 1945 the American Legion Post #750 was organized. Chief Burgess Ernesto Casciole and some of the borough officials were the organizers.
    In 1945 a Soldier’s Monument was erected near the municipal building where it displays the names of approximately 300 servicemen and women from Roseto who served in WWII, including the eight who lost their lives in the war. Monuments were added to honor the men and women who served during the Korean and Vietnam wars.

Mayor Charles C. Angelini
The one man who has set a record for the most number of years in office is former Mayor Charles C. Angelini, serving as Mayor a total of 28 years. Mayor Angelini, was elected in 1970, and showed leadership, good judgment and good common sense while guiding the development and progress Roseto made through all those years. He never lost an election.

Municipal Services

In 1968 the town took the bold step to install a sewer system in the borough. Michael Goffredo, Sr., Anthony Schiavone and other members had the leadership to resolve the public health problems created by poor septic systems. Roseto made one of the first inter-municipal agreements with Bangor to share in the cost of treatment of Roseto’s sewage in the Bangor Treatment Plant.

That’s a little of the past. Presently, we do not have the 100% Italian population we had when Roseto was incorporated and our population has not increased from its early days. But we have changed. We have a Municipal building with a new office and conference room. We’ve added an elevator to the building.

Our park has a kiddy area with colorful playground equipment. We have an improved baseball field and basketball court. We have a very active and well qualified Fire Dept., two private schools, three churches, an ambulance Corp, and much more. We have all those physical things and services, but most of all we have people who care for people.

Quarry Workers & Mill Workers
Before and after WWII the town saw the slate industry, which had been a major industry, employ fewer men. Small sewing factories began to grow in large numbers providing work for young men and women. The business cycle took its toll on the slate industry and the small sewing factories, leading to the present lack of industry in Roseto.

In the late 1930s and 1940s Garibaldi Avenue was a place of many businesses. The street was lined with a beauty salon, 2 barber shops, a shoemaker shop, tailor shop, 5 eating establishments, a hotel, a place where men met to play Italian card games and socialize, 3 butcher shops, 7 grocery stores, 3 drinking bars, an Ice Cream and Candy store, 2 bakeries, blacksmith shop, and a gift shop.

Today there remain a barber shop, a restaurant, a bakery, and on Dante Street, Ruggiero’s Italian Market. All the other places of business are gone.

There is a strong growing need to establish a new industrial base so our small town will not become a place where all our young men and women leave to seek a better place to live while providing for their families. This same trend caused deserted streets in Roseto Valfortore, Italy.

Marconi Club & Redmen Lodge
In 1903 the “Marconi Club” was formed. Its mission, as well as the missions of the Redmen Lodge and the Sons of Italy, was to bond relationships between the Roseto Italians and surrounding communities, and to promote better intellectual and moral conditions.

Dr. Wolf Books
In the early 1960s, Dr. Stewart Wolf and Dr. John Bruhn began their research studying a unique feature of Roseto, Pennsylvania. Their study was to determine how the effects of family bonds and the strong social values contributed to the low incident of coronary heart disease and sudden death. In spite of the fact that risk factors such as smoking, lack of exercise and high fat diet were found as great as in other communities, the outstanding difference was the family-oriented social structure that controlled the way of life for Rosetans.

Their study also showed that social change and an Americanized system of values and behavior removed the healthy heart that Roseto was noted to have. While younger Rosetans held respect for old-traditions they did little to live by them. Abandonment of old standards led the death rates from heart attack to climb to the levels of surrounding communities.

Gardens that were in every back yard providing food in the summer and produce that was canned for meals in the winter are slowly disappearing. Grape vines and arbors that produced succulent and plentiful grapes that were used for the making of wine, grape jelly and juice are gone. The process of making wine: picking the delicious bunches of grapes, crushing and squeezing them, created happy times. The sobering part was the competition of making the best wine in town. Everyone wanted the bragging rights to that title. Families also raised goats, chickens and pigs to supplement their diets.

One Room School House
In the early settling of Roseto, there were several one-room schoolhouses. One was located on the corner of what is now Columbus Avenue and Route 191, one was on Front Street, and one on North Street.

Columbus School – 1913
After Roseto was incorporated in 1912, the Columbus Public School was built providing education for children in grades 1 through 8. After graduating from the 8th grade the children went to Bangor High School to continue their education. Columbus School became a part of the Bangor Area Jointure School system. In 1978 the Bangor Area School District decided to close Columbus School, declaring the school unusable. The school was deeded back to Roseto.

Faith Christian School
Today, Faith Christian is operating the school and has created a good educational environment for a large number of students in this private school.

The town matured through wars, depression, economic highs and lows. It always stayed its course on tradition and supportive family values. Our community never forgot the valuable advice Fr. DeNisco gave our town many years ago when he urged parents to send their children to school. We have always supported education, whether it is public or parochial, and parents continue to encourage their children to go to college. Our town has evolved through all the economic cycles, wars, political ups and downs, and changes in its ethnic population. Through the years of changes there still remain the traditions and family support system that was instilled in us from generation to generation.

Father Ducci and his assistant Father Leone, the resident priests of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church, were the moving forces in fulfilling Father DeNisco’s educational dream for the members of the community.

In 1940 a convent was built, which housed the nuns and included a classroom for kindergarten.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School
By 1945 Our Lady of Mt Carmel School had grades K through 8.

A few years later in 1947 Puis X High School was built. The teachers for the elementary school at that time were the Salesian Sisters whose Mother House was in Haledon, NJ, and the St. Joseph nuns taught at Pius X. Pius X has since become a diocesan school. Two Sisters of Charity who will be teaching at Pius X High School presently occupy the old convent.

Presbyterian Church
The first Presbyterian Church was founded with the help of Emmanuelle Tealdo, first minister. Michaelangelo D’Uva was given credit for having the people of New Italy attend a Presbyterian church at Five Points, in Upper Mt Bethel Township. In 1893 the Presbyterian Church was constructed on Garibaldi Avenue in Roseto. It was a one room building. The Presbyterian mission was chartered with sixty four members. In the 1930s & 1940s Rev. Cyrus Scapellati had a strong influence on the advancement and spiritual growth of the members of the Presbyterian Church in Roseto. It is still an active church with a small membership and a visiting minister.

Bangor-Roseto Parish
The Presbyterian Parish of Bangor-Roseto, located on Kennedy Drive in Roseto, is a merger of both the Bangor and Roseto parishes and occurred in January 1972.

1st Catholic Church
The only Catholic Church was in Easton and a petition for a mission church was not approved until 1896. A majority of the Rosetans was of the Catholic faith and they felt a need for their own church, so in 1893 the church members built a church of wood.

Current Catholic Church
In 1923 they built the stone church in its present location.

Father Denisco
In 1897 Roseto had its first permanent resident Catholic priest, Father Pasquale De Nisco. He was responsible for instructing and preparing for citizenship hundreds of people, both Catholic and Protestant. He was convinced that Roseto could not progress without an educated citizenry and urged parents to send their children to school. He was the force behind Roseto’s becoming an independent borough. A protector of workers’ rights, he organized a branch of the American Federation of Labor. Through the strike directed by the Catholic priest, the daily pay rose from $.85 to $1.50. Father DeNisco was a strong leader, not just a spiritual leader but a leader who directed all the activities of Roseto and pushed Roseto into the future. When he died in 1911 Catholics and Protestants, as well as many prominent officers of Northampton County attended his funeral.


The highlight of each year is the civil and religious celebration held by Our Lady of Mt Carmel Catholic Church. The tradition of the celebration was a carry-over from Roseto Valfortore in Italy.

In July of 1895 Rosetans held their first spiritual celebration to honor the Blessed Mother of Jesus. The “Big Time” attracted people from as far as Canada and many relatives and friends came to take part in the celebration. The carnival grounds were filled with sideshows, rides, high-wire trapeze acts, a man shot out of a cannon and ended with a big display of fireworks. Italian foods were sold in large quantities and the celebration garnered large amounts of money to support Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church. Since then it has become a 3-day civil festival known as “The Big Time,” a 2-day spiritual celebration with a Saturday night crowning of the festival queen and a parade down Garibaldi Avenue, culminating with the crowning of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and a religious procession Sunday afternoon in her honor. All the proceeds now benefit Our Lady of Mt. Carmel elementary school.

Kingdom Hall
The Jehovah’s Witnesses, discontented Presbyterians who converted to the Jehovah’s Witnesses religion, built the Kingdom Hall on Garibaldi Avenue in 1926, and the religious teaching was promoted by their leaders Donato Tedesco, Domenico Finelli, and Pasquale Ninno. They were members of the Presbyterian Church who decided to change their spiritual beliefs. The original building on Garibaldi Avenue has been converted to a residence.

New Kingdom Hall
A new and larger Kingdom Hall is located on Rt. 512 in Washington Township

Borough Finance

Borough Finance

The 2020 Roseto Borough Operating Budget was approved by Borough Council at the November 2019 Council meeting.  Borough Council has approved the 2020 budget with Real Estate Tax millage set at 11.5 mills for 2020.

Fees, Rentals and Permits

Roseto Borough Fees and Permits

Please make all payments out to the “Borough of Roseto”

Building Permit
A building permit with zoning clearance is needed before doing any construction. Please contact Roseto Borough Municipal office at 610-588-0695.

Dumpster Permit – $25.00
Must be obtained from the Municipal Office prior to delivery of a dumpster to your property. It requires the completion of the permit application with a diagram of the dumpster location at the site and a location review and approval by the Roseto Borough Police Department before permit is issued.

Moving Permit – $5.00
Persons moving into or out of the Borough are required to have a permit.

Sewage Permits
A permit is needed from the SEO before doing any work on your sewage system.

Yard Sale Permit – $5.00
Yard Sales require a permit. Permits are valid for two consecutive dates. Two permits per property owner per year.

Contractor’s License
Effective July 1, 2009, contractors are not required to procure a Borough Contractor’s license unless they cannot provide the Borough a copy of their PA State Contractor’s license. Please contact the Borough Manager at 610-588-0695 for details.

You are required to keep your tenants names current at the Borough office. Please advise your tenants of the above information.

Roseto Borough Park Pavilion Rental
Roseto Borough Community Park Pavilion can be rented daily for a fee of $200.00. Parties renting the pavilions will be held responsible for any damage to the structure during rental. Rental includes pavilion, restrooms, and playground equipment.  Park will remain open to the public. No alcoholic beverages are permitted in the park at daily sporting events. Park opens April 1 and closed November 1 annually.

Borough Administration

Borough Council, Mayor, and Committees

Requests to be placed on any agenda should be submitted to the Borough office at least one week prior to the scheduled date.


Ilene R. Tillman
521 Garibaldi Avenue, Roseto, PA 18013,
email: itillman610@gmail.com

Borough Council

The regular monthly meeting of the Roseto Borough Council is held on the first Monday of each month providing it is not a legal holiday. Meetings are 7:00 pm at the municipal building located at 164 Garibaldi Ave. Access to the Council Chamber is via the rear door on Chestnut Street. If a regular Council meeting falls on a official holiday, Council shall meet the following Monday evening proceeding the holiday at 7:00 pm.

Nicholas Martino – Council President
106 Eisenhower Blvd, Roseto, PA 18013
Phone: 610-588-6812
Email: ano@rcn.com

Kenneth Tillman – Councilman
521 Garibaldi Ave, Roseto, PA 18013
Phone: 610-588-5194
Email: kentillman@gmail.com

Carl Renna – Council Vice-President
507 Sage Street, Roseto, PA 18013
Phone: 610-588-1070

Jennifer Newland – Councilman
427 Front Street, Roseto, PA  18013
Phone: 610-217-7088
E-mail:  jnewland04@gmail.com

Peter Scarfaro, Jr. – Councilman
10 E. Washington St, Roseto, PA 18013
Phone: 610-730-6487
Email: pscarfaro@gmail.com

Darlene Dunbar – Councilwoman
91 Garibaldi Avenue, Roseto, PA 18013
Phone: 610-588-7705
Email: darlenedunbar@entermail.net

Daniel Engle – Councilman
516 McKinley Avenue, Roseto, PA 18013
Email: lazarus0530@gmail.com

Borough Manager

Cathy Martino
164 Garibaldi Avenue, Roseto, PA 18013
Phone: 610-588-0695
E-mail: rosbor@rosetoborough.org

Public Works Supervisor

Kyle DeVito
Phone: 610-509-3610

Tax Collector

Cathy Martino
164 Garibaldi Avenue, Roseto, PA 18013
Phone: 610-588-0695
Email: rosbor@rosetoborough.org

Plumbing Inspector

Louis Goffredo
26 Deer Run Ave., Roseto, PA 18013
Phone: 610-588-4693

Planning Commission

The Roseto Borough Planning Commission meets on the third Tuesday, monthly, as required at 7:00 pm. Contact our Borough office to verify meetings and to be placed on the agenda.

Domenick DeFranco
317 Falcone Avenue, Roseto, PA 18013
Home: 610-588-7780

Desiree DeNicola
728 Marconi Avenue, Roseto, PA 18013
Home: 610-588-4530

Carl Renna – Chairman
507 Sage Street, Roseto, PA 18013
Home: 610-588-1070


The Karasek Law Offices, LLC
641 Market Street, Bangor PA 18013
Phone: 610-588-0224
E-mail: ron@karaseklawoffices.com

Zoning Hearing Board

The Roseto Borough Zoning Board meets as necessary on a scheduled basis. Hearings are held on the 4th Thursday of the month.

Gregory Layton – Chairman
69 Dante St. Roseto, PA 18013
Justin Mazza
Michael Labate

Zoning Solicitor

Attorney David Ceraul
22 Market Street, Bangor, PA 18013
Phone: 610-588-0378

Sewage Enforcement Officer

Robert Collura
727 Molasses Rd., Bangor, PA 18013
Phone: 610-588-5176

Sewer Authority

The Roseto Borough Sewer Authority meets on the last Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm.  Contact our Borough office to verify meetings, and to be placed on the agenda.

Michael Goffredo, Chairman
Louis Goffredo 610-588-4693
Audrey Molle momndadsfave@gmail.com
Michael Labate
Daniel Confalone 610-588-6956
Attorney Syzane Arifaj, Solicitor 610-438-3538 attorneyarifaj@gmail.com


Robert Collura
727 Molasses Rd., Bangor, PA 18013
Phone: 610-588-5176

Police Department

Phone: 610-588-0390
151 Roseto Ave. Roseto, PA 18013

Non-Emergency: 610-759-2200
District Magistrate: 610-588-3998

Email :  brader@rosetoborough.org

Fire Department

Columbia Fire Co.
Phone: 610-588-0597
Michael Goffredo, Fire Chief
Nicholas Martino, Deputy Chief
Rob Campanaro, Assistant Chief
Michael J. Goffredo, Captain
Matthew Goffredo and Olivia Martino – Lieutenants

Welcome Home!!!


Roseto Borough invites you to explore our new web site and learn about our municipality. Located in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, this modest community is rich in tradition and strong family values. While we pride ourselves on this web site we encourage you to take time and visit us in person to enjoy the full experience of Roseto

The goal of Roseto Borough Mayor, Council, and staff is to provide public services through fiscally efficient municipal governing. The coordination of police services, fire protection, emergency medical care, recreation, planning, zoning, permitting and enforcement of general ordinances are all performed with constant focus on our residents’ well being, while maintaining a predictable and stable tax rate.

Your time and suggestions are valued, please take a moment to send us your thoughts.

Please review the upcoming list of community events on the “upcoming events” link to the left side of this page.

Please review the “Snow Emergency” section to the left side of this page. Our Street Department thanks you for your care and consideration when driving during Winter conditions. Please drive safely when you see our crews working in or on the streets.

Roseto Borough is pleased to announce the new “ROSETO EMERGENCY AND ANNOUNCEMENT HOTLINE!

Whenever there is an announcement about activities in the Borough or we need to declare an emergency, we will be sending a voice message call to everyone in the Borough who registers their telephone number with the Borough Manager.

In order to be included to this broadcast message system, you need to contact the Borough office with your name, address and contact telephone number you prefer to receive these important calls. This can be a house phone or a cell phone. Answering machines or voice mail will not affect the call from being left for you.

There is no cost to you to have your number added. This will be the quickest way for you to stay informed about the happenings in the Borough as well as any emergency that needs to be declared by the Mayor or Borough Council.

Roseto Borough Park is open on April 1 and closed November 1 annually.

Friendly reminders to all Roseto Borough Residents and Visitors

  • Please note Borough Ordinance #405, adopted July 12th, 2010 specifies that your garbage may not be placed curbside prior to Noon on the day before normal pick-up.  Please note that if a holiday occurs Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, our weekly garbage/recycling collection is pushed back one day.

Please remember while walking your pets, please be respectful and pick up any waste your dog(s) may leave in your neighbor’s yard or on public property and help keep our community clean. Dogs must be leashed while being walked.

The Roseto Borough Police Department will monitor that all comply with these Borough Ordinances. Thank you for keeping our town clean and orderly.