Department of Public Works (D.P.W.)       

The Roseto Borough Department of Public Works maintains our Borough roads, parks, waste water, storm drains, and building and grounds owned and operated by the Borough. The work force consists of one full time, and one seasonal employee. There are approximately 7.5 miles of roads, 2 parks, 3 buildings, as well as storm water & culverts that are serviced by our public works department. The D.P.W. Building is located off Shooktown Rd. near the Roseto Rod and Gun Club.

Our Street Department thanks you for your care and consideration when driving during Winter conditions. Please drive safely when you see our crew working on the streets. A moment of distraction can cause an accident or take a life.

Please note Borough Ordinance #405, adopted July 12th, 2010 specifies that your garbage may not be placed curbside prior to Noon on the day before normal pick-up.  Please note that if a holiday occurs Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, our weekly garbage/recycling collection is pushed back one day.  The Roseto Borough Police Department will monitor that residents comply with this Borough Ordinance. Thank you for keeping our town clean.

Roseto Borough asks that residents please RECYCLE!                                                                         

Recycling Tips

    Rinse and clean all bottles, jars & cans. Labels can remain.
    Remove all lids and caps from bottles and jars. Only metal caps are recyclable.
    Place all recyclables in your container.

What’s Recyclable?

    Aluminum & tin cans
    Glass jars & bottles (clear, brown, and green)
    Plastic bottles & jugs (Soda bottles [green & clear], milk & water, detergent, lotion, shampoo, etc.
    Empty aerosol cans (empty through normal use then remove plastic lids unless attached)
    Newspapers with colored or glossy inserts, all papers should be tied with a
    Magazines, please bundle separately from newspapers.
    Corrugated cardboard boxes – please tie in separate flat bundles no larger than 2 feet by 3 feet.
    Junk mail – please bundle with your newspapers, but no plastic or foil wrappings.

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