Roseto Borough Fees and Permits

Please make all payments out to the “Borough of Roseto”

Building Permit
A building permit with zoning clearance is needed before doing any construction. Please contact Roseto Borough Municipal office at 610-588-0695.

Dumpster Permit – $25.00
Must be obtained from the Municipal Office prior to delivery of a dumpster to your property. It requires the completion of the permit application with a diagram of the dumpster location at the site and a location review and approval by the Roseto Borough Police Department before permit is issued.

Moving Permit – $5.00
Persons moving into or out of the Borough are required to have a permit.

Sewage Permits
A permit is needed from the SEO before doing any work on your sewage system.

Yard Sale Permit – $5.00
Yard Sales require a permit. Permits are valid for two consecutive dates. Two permits per property owner per year.

Contractor’s License
Effective July 1, 2009, contractors are not required to procure a Borough Contractor’s license unless they cannot provide the Borough a copy of their PA State Contractor’s license. Please contact the Borough Manager at 610-588-0695 for details.

You are required to keep your tenants names current at the Borough office. Please advise your tenants of the above information.

Roseto Borough Park Pavilion Rental
Roseto Borough Community Park Pavilion can be rented daily for a fee of $200.00. Parties renting the pavilions will be held responsible for any damage to the structure during rental. Rental includes pavilion, restrooms, and playground equipment.  Park will remain open to the public. No alcoholic beverages are permitted in the park at daily sporting events. Park opens April 1 and closed November 1 annually.

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